"We enjoyed having Jon sing and share during the Sunday morning services. 

His personal story of overcoming adversity coupled with his musical skills

inspired the church."


Alan Clayton

Senior Pastor

The Ark Church

Conroe, Texas

“Jon has a tremendous gift and talent. He has an amazing Heart. God has truly blessed this man with a gift from above.”


Bill Gaither


I've known Jon for a number of years as part of the community I serve in as a Pastor, in fact, our children attended the same preschool for a time. I'd see Jon drive up and bring his daughter to school; I was amazed watching a man without arms accomplish so much.


In time, I discovered Jon was gifted with a great voice and an incredible testimony. Jon's been to Second Baptist and has blessed the church with his life story and with his gift of music. 


You and your church will be blessed having Jon be a part of your ministry."


In Him,

Gary Garrison

Senior Pastor

Second Baptist Church

Huntsville, Texas

I have worked with Jon Sheptock on numerous occasions. He has led the music in the Church I currently pastor a number of times. In addition, he sings special music when the opportunity is presented. Jon is a very gifted and anointed performer and when he sings you sense his love for God. I have yet to see him lead music and people are not moved by the ministry and gifts he displays.

In addition to Church settings I have taken Jon into the Eastham State Prison with me so many times I have lost count. The offenders took to Jon the first time I took him in. They are pretty discerning to a persons character and for them to accept him the first time was truly amazing. The first time Jon sang in the prison virtually the entire congregation of 300 offenders were moved to tears. Many of these men will never be released from incarceration and many are very harden individuals. Nevertheless the power of God gripped their hearts in conviction and the place came alive. I have yet to enter that prison without some offender asking me "when is Jon coming back".


Jon has a heart for God and a love for others that is very apparent everytime he sings. When he sings he approaches it like its his last time on earth to do so. He puts his entire heart into the song and God uses this man like few have experienced and all desire to experience.


C.F. Hazlewood Jr.

Senior Pastor Fellowship of Huntsville Church

Jon’s appearance was nothing short of spectacular in the Spirit as he received a standing ovation

from the crowd of 800+ men after every song he sang! Jon’s message was humble and sincere,

displaying his love for the Lord Jesus Christ and his passion to share the hope found in Him to

all. The speaker that followed Jon even commented that he did not need to speak as Jon had set

up a powerful opportunity for men to come to Christ, by the leading of the Holy Spirit in his

testimony and song.


The evaluation cards we received from the conference ALL raved about Jon’s appearance and

noted how they were deeply moved. The senior pastor at our church, Bulverde United

Methodist, was in attendance and immediately secured Jon for a special appearance at the church later in the year. In addition, Men of Light has arranged for Jon to be a repeat guest at our 2009 conference to be held October 16th-17th, at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas!


I count Jon as a special friend and brother in Christ. After a few minutes with him, you will too.

In Christ,

Pastor Steve Coker

Spiritual Director

"Jon’s powerful testimony of God’s grace and his winsome and unpretentious personality kept our people spellbound. Our students and senior adults alike related that it was perhaps the most powerful message of Christ’s strength in adversity they had ever heard. The sanctuary was absolutely packed with people from the church as well as the community, and the decisions for Christ were numerous. Jon’s singing ability is quality. His arrangements of classics like “Blessed Assurance” as well as his original songs were tastefully done and well received. I recommend Jon to your church without reservation. I know that your people will receive a great blessing."


Mike Johnson, 

Sr. Pastor

First Baptist Church

Albertville, AL

"Worship with Jon Sheptock is an incredibly inspiring experience. His physical limitations amplify the beauty of his voice and his heart.

Close your eyes or keep them open, sing along or just listen, you'll be moved to pursue all that King Jesus has in mind for you."



Peter Pendell

Millington Baptist Church -NJ