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Oct 2017


Growing up an adoptive family, Jon Sheptock always knew that his birth parents had placed him in foster care when he was a newborn baby. Jon was born with no arms and with one leg considerably shorter than the other, he assumed his birth parents had wanted him.

In Late 2016, however, Jon discovered that there was more to the story.



Authentic Manhood 33 The Series By Tierce Green   

June 2016

I’ve only had two breakfast meetings with Mark Norris, but both have gone into enjoyable and inspiring extra innings. This is the guy who is knocking it out of the park with 33 The Series at the Estelle Unit in the Texas State Penitentiary at Huntsville, as well as with the men at Fellowship of Huntsville Church. On this morning, I assumed the two of us would talk about what was happening in the prison or with the men in his church, but Mark is a natural connector and he had something else in mind.


July/Aug 2013 

When Jon Sheptock’s wife, Staci, suggested that the couple and their young daughter move from New Jersey to Huntsville, Jon came “kicking and screaming.” He liked his job in New Jersey and was pessimistic about his prospects for employment in the Huntsville area. Soon, however, he was presented with an opportunity to put his natural singing and songwriting abilities to use in an unusual way. His pastor, C.F. Hazlewood of Fellowship of Huntsville, suggested that Jon sing for inmates in nearby prisons. At first, he resisted, but then agreed to conduct one prison performance.

Four and a half years later, Jon is the lead singer in an acclaimed, multi-generational band, the One Percenters, which performs a unique blend of Christian music about four times a month for packed prison audiences of 200 to 350. 


Jon Sheptock talks faith and traveling
Tyler Morning Telegraph 2012

Jon Sheptock is a Christian singer who travels around the country sharing his story and beliefs. Part of what he shares is how he believes God uses his life as someone who was born without arms and a short right leg. He, his wife and his three children live in Huntsville.

Sheptock, 36, will perform and speak at The Salvation Army’s annual Fall Revival at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Sunday at 633 N. Broadway Ave., Building No. 1.

So tell me about your experience growing up with a disability. Does that affect how you feel about God? Do you ever question ‘why?’

I have in the past. Growing up, especially through my teenage years and early adulthood, I questioned it all the time. Nobody around me looked like me or had the same disability as me and I had a lot of problems growing up with a disability because of the stares, the name-calling. So I really came to the point where I felt like God was really the only thing that I could really rely on in order to get me to where I am now, otherwise I probably wouldn’t be here today.


Sheptock concert delights in M’ville By Glynda Haldt
Madisonville Meteor 2012

Jon Sheptock had every reason not to believe in God’s love growing up. Sheptock was born without arms and placed in foster care. He endured all manner of teenage cruelty growing up, but said that Jesus Christ answered his prayers, and today he shares the love he feels with people all around the country. Madisonville was his latest stop, in a concert Saturday night at the high school auditorium hosted by Madisonville Christian Fellowship.
“I was fed up with life. Had no hope, no future, no life,” Sheptock told the audience, “Only God’s grace and mercy changed me.”
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Making Life’s Challenges – God’s Victories
Judy Hoy – Elizabeth Cotner

Christian Events Magazine 2010

Every so often, you meet and individual that changes your entire perspective on life. Jon Sheptock is one of those people. Instead of viewing life though a glass half empty, Jon’s glass positively runneth over. He is an extraordinary man.

He possesses that unique quality that makes you feel at ease the instant you meet him. Though you are initially stunned by his physical disabilities, you are just as amazed by the anointing that God has on his life. The grace that lives inside this young man is one of the most astonishing miracles of all. His differences far surpass physicality; It’s the inner miracle in him that makes him so special. Jon will be the first acknowledge that it is God doing for him what he could not do for himself.
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Jon Sheptock visits SVORI offenders
Leslie Wooley, Lauren May

The ECHO, May 2011

If anyone deserves to have a negative attitude or an excuse to use drugs, it is Jon Sheptock. Born in 1976, with all odds stacked against him, Jon came into this world without any arms in addition to his right leg being shorter than his left. Jon’s biological parents did not even want to hold him but put him directly into foster care. Jon was in foster care for six months and was then adopted by an extraordinary couple who knew it was their calling to bring a special needs child into their family. Jon was brought into the large Sheptock family – a family with 37 children, mostly all adopted.

As Jon grew up, there were many challenges. He was unable to crawl as a child, and he was unable to walk until the age of four. In school, he was ridiculed and spit upon by classmates and never felt like he fit in as a teenager. This persecution led to a sense of rejection, self doubt and even thoughts of suicide. Instead, Jon became a Christian and found that with God he could conquer anything. This new mission gave him a reason for living and a reason to share his story to help and encourage others. “I know God has a great plan for my life and I am willing to go where ever He leads,” he said.
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Making Life’s Challenges God’s Victories
Homecoming Magazine 2010

“Friend, you are about to see that God can make anything happen. I am just a regular “soccer dad” who serves an extraordinary God. I have always known that I was given the music to share God’s story, and I have been giving that testimony since I was a child. At that I have been ridiculed, and persecuted, but I have followed God’s leading as I have shared my music in schools, churches, and prisons across the United States. I can see, as I you can also, the moving of God in my life. As I have steps of faith, He has been more that sufficient in His grace.”

This is the testimony of an extraordinary man of faith who has indeed made a habit of “Making Life’s Challenges God’s Victories” is the title of the recent DVD of his incredible life story. Jon Sheptock was born in New Jersey in 1976 with a very unusual affliction. He had no arms and a short right leg, He was more than his birthmother could bring herself to see, and without even holder her baby boy, she turned him over to the State.

Huntsville mas has inspirational musical message
The Huntsville Item, June 5 2009

After being adopted into a family of 34 children, one Huntsville resident has used his unique upbringing and love for God to create a burgeoning musical career, including the release of his first album in 2007.

As a Christian contemporary artist, the market may be smaller for this determined singer, but the passion he carries for the message behind his music is strong and impossible to break.

Jon Sheptock, a native of New Jersey and recent transplant to Texas, has taken his love of music and vocal talent to stages across the United States, from performing in the prisons of Huntsville to touring with his idol , Bill Gaither, in Gatlinburg, Tenn. His voice and inspirational messages have uplifted thousands and led him into a life he never dreamed he would be able to enjoy.
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